The College of Humanity and Creativity was renamed from the College of Humanism and Social Sciences in February 2009 in order to position and highlight the nature and prospects of our college. When National Chin-yi Institute of Technology was promoted into National Chin-yi University of Technology in February 2007, the College of Humanism and Social Sciences was upgraded from the School of Humanism and Social Sciences to further our progress. At present, there are three departments in our college, namely the Department of Landscape Architecture, the Department of Applied English, and the Department of Creative Cultural and Creative Industries.

Since the upgrading of our school from an institute into a university of technology, we have been endeavored to reform, innovate, and develop our school in order to construct a quality learning environment and activate a solid administrative support. More importantly, we are enthusiastic in injecting elements of humanities and creative culture into an institution that had been focused on science, technology, and management. With “creativity, pragmatism, and humanistic concern” as our developmental ideals, we are eager to cultivate our students into talents that collaborate to promote humanities and creative cultural industry together with the concern for developing a sustaining green environment.